New Crate Erector GS launched in USA

Fibre King has launched its new GS Model Returnable Crate Erector in North America, under its export brand, Oryx Automation. The RPC12-25 GS is the fastest, most economical, reliable crate erector available yet.

The Crate Erector Range has been a Fibre King innovation success story. It is a low cost, robust and compact machine that produces top quality erected crates for a one touch solution from farm to shelf. Pneumatic controlled movements make for fast, accurate and gentle crate handling.

To date, Fibre King RPC Erectors have handled over 120 million returnable plastic crates, minimising labour costs for both small and large operations globally.

The new GS model is the latest addition to the range, capable of running a range of thin or thick base RPCs at up to 25 crates per minute.

It is available with various options on the infeed and outfeed to marry seamlessly with existing packing lines.

For more information please contact Emma Townsend on +61 433 222 594



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Murray Wilson, JBS Swift

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