Fibre King will showcase an evolution in crate automation at AUSPACK 2015, to be held in Melbourne, March 24-27.

The Crate De Erector is the direct result of collaboration between Fibre King and one of the largest suppliers of returnable plastic crates in North America. With a crate pool that included 12 different crate heights, 3 different footprints, 6 different mould designs and 3 different collapse mechanisms, Fibre King was tasked with designing a machine that could de-erect crates randomly at speeds of 30 crates per minute. Fibre King's participatory design approach enabled real life applications and analysis, and resulted in the successful commercialisation of a challenging task.

FIbre King has an extensive history in the crate automation field, and launched one of the industry's first crate erectors into the Australian market in 2006. Since then, Fibre King crate equipment has handled well over 200 million crates worldwide, giving us plenty of opportunity to perfect the art of gentle, versatile crate handling and exceptional machine reliability. A USA client informed us that their Oryx Crate Erector was "simply the best machine they have ever bought" and that it eclipses the local crate erectors.

Crate automation now forms a significant part of Fibre King's thriving export business, and we're always looking for new design challenges to help us evolve the industry. The DeErector is a good example of how close client collaboration can lead to exciting innovation.

For more information, contact Group Sales and Marketing Manager, Emma Townsend, on +61 7 3889 4400 or email



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