WAP 25 - Fibre King Packaiging Machine

Fibre King has partnered with Rockwell Automation to deliver a smarter solution.

Fibre King has an excellent reputation for designing, engineering and manufacturing high quality end of line packing solutions for companies all over the world. In order to maintain this high standard of design and to ensure our customers are receiving a future proof machine we have collaborated with another industry leader, Rockwell Automation.

Rockwell Automation is the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation and strives to make a more productive and sustainable world for it's customers. The partnership between Fibre King and Rockwell Automation is a perfect fit to deliver the best results for customers seeking tough, reliable and future proof machines. Feedback from our customer's is testament to the results we are achieving:

"Mountain Fresh Fruit Juices purchased a Fibre King Wraparound Case Packer for our glass line in 2004. It runs pretty much at 100% efficiency and gives us no problems, so when we needed a second case packer for our new PET line in 2007, the decision was an easy one.
The Fibre King team are always extremely helpful, and again, the new case packer runs with no fuss. Great gear and great service."
Peter Stadler Managing Director
Mountain Fresh Fruit Juices
(WAP25 Case Packers)

Emma Townsend, General Manager of Fibre KingEmma Townsend, General Manager for Fibre King is excited by the innovation and developments made possible by these high end collaborations. "We are continually striving to deliver the best solutions for our customers packaging needs and we are achieving fantastic results when we join forces with other big players in the industry. With Fibre King's strong focus on engineering excellence and innovation we anticipate the partnership between Fibre King and Rockwell Automation as just the beginning of many collaborative initiatives."

Fibre King Australias Leading Packaging Equiptment Supplier

Fibre King Australias Leading Packaging Equiptment Supplier

Rockwell Automation



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" (Fibre King's) ability to understand the particular challenges we faced, develop innovative design solutions, execute the build in a timely and cost effective manner and support us through the commissioning stage were outstanding."

Greg Tunks, Logtek (Australia) Pty Ltd

“We’ve seen significant improvement in our production rates and the quality of our product."

Murray Wilson, JBS Swift

“I associate Fibre King with excellent service and superior quality.”

Craig McNair, Moraitis Group