Fibre King Award Nomination

Fibre King Pty Ltd has been nominated for the PACE Zenith Awards 2012: Finalists for Machine Builder, for the Laminator Tray Erector.

The award is open to companies and OEMs that have successfully designed and built machines used in automating processes.

The Tray Erector with Lamination for the Meat Industry is Fibre King's first range of tray forming equipment for meat. Traditionally, these trays have a double wall, which is folded and glued at the board manufacturer's factory, involving extra cost and reduced production speeds.

The Fibre King Laminator Tray Erector uses a two-stage process to first fold and glue the double wall, then form the tray base, all at the customer's site. This increases the production speed at the corrugating plant and reduces the cost of the tray.

The Laminator Tray Erector was developed in collaboration with Amcor, and is used throughout the meat industry in Australia and New Zealand to wide acclaim. 

"The new cartons make us look a whole lot better out there in the market," attests Murray Wilson, Plant Manager for JBS Swift Dinmore. "We've seen significant improvement in our production rates and the quality of our product".

For all enquiries please contact Greg Constantinidis on +61 419 026 988.



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“We’ve seen significant improvement in our production rates and the quality of our product."

Murray Wilson, JBS Swift

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