Client Testimonials

We're always asking for feedback on our product standards and levels of service. It's not enough to assume we are doing a good job – we constantly check to make sure that we are and work hard to better ourselves. 99% of the time, we do get it right.

Here are some of the things our clients and business partners have to say about us (or you can download it in PDF here):

"We have purchased, installed and validated multiple Fibre King equipment kits ie. depalletisers and lowerator/cleaners, can and pouch case packers and palletisers throughout our Infant Nutrition Network over the past several years.

Fibre King's support in designing and installing high quality equipment are a great asset to our business. Their equipment reliability and efficiency match their level of excellent service and support across our International network.

We look forward to continuing a great working relationship in support of the current equipment in operation and upcoming projects."

Skip Nell
Senior Packaging Systems Engineer
Wyeth Global Engineering
(WAP10-25 & WAP50 Case Packers, CP20-30R & CP50R Palletisers, Depalletisers)

"Equipment failure has a significant impact on all our valued customers. We look for reliable, flexible, serviceable products and equipment from our preferred partners – Fibre King consistently meets our demands."

Mark Krygger
Manager, Packaging Systems and Services
Orora Group (previously Amcor)
(Meat Equipment, Case Packers & Palletisers)

"I'd just like to thank you very much for the short notice help on the 140ml box. This is one of the reasons that I prefer to deal with Fibre King. The excellent customer service!!"

Andrew Leiner
Manager - National Engineering
Parmalat Australia
(Case Packers, Palletisers, Milk Crate Palletising lines)

"It's been reassuring to have top class equipment and follow up service. The WAP50 case packer we installed in 2003 has performed extremely well and has a very low overall cost of ownership. Spare parts have always been available on the few occasions we've needed them, and we've been impressed with the speed of changeover times for the WAP50's."

Allan Flanagan
Maintenance Manager
Schweppes Australia Pty Ltd
(WAP50 Case Packers, CP40 Case Palletisers)

"We've seen significant improvement in our production rates and the quality of our product. We are pleased to say the least, and we value the service and support we've been given by Amcor and Fibre King. They've certainly made good on their promise of more uptime. We expected our fair share of problems during installation, but it's been a dream run. The new cartons make us look a whole lot better out there in the market."

Murray Wilson
Plant Manager
JBS Swift Dinmore
(Laminator Tray Erector)

"After working closely with the team from Fibre King over the last few years, I have complete confidence in their engineering standards and professional customer support. I highly recommend you talk to their service team about your existing Fibre King equipment and see what they can do."

Colin Carter
Engineering Manager
Swire Cold Storage
(CP20 Meat Palletisers)

"We have installed two Fibre King RPC Erectors and Stacker/Palletisers at our Carter Street operation, and we are very happy with benefits in both labour savings and efficiency. The installation and training was both simple and thorough, and the staff at Fibre King are always available to answer questions or assist with queries. I associate Fibre King with excellent service and superior quality."

Craig McNair
Maintenance Engineer
Moraitis Group
(RPC20 Crate Erectors, Stacker Palletisers)

"We are very pleased with the partnership to use the automated erector from Fibre King in our meat plant. Fibre King's team is very professional, understands and values customer service, is very responsive and most importantly, proactive to our needs.

The machine has been a value-add for our Meat Team, they like the way the Crate Erector consistently performs without any down time and never calls in sick.

We look forward to our continued partnership with Fibre King to add additional Crate Erectors as needed in other areas of our business to maximize productivity gains."

Ted Lechner
Reverse Logistics Manager
H-E-B, Texas, USA
(RPC20 Crate Erectors)

RPC20 Crate Erector: "It's quiet, and it has a small footprint. I really like those things".

Operations Manager
H-E-B, Texas, USA
(RPC20 Crate Erectors)

"We have found Fibre King to be creative in providing engineered process solutions for our operation. Their ability to understand the particular challenges we faced, develop innovative design solutions, execute the build in a timely and cost effective manner and support us through the commissioning stage were outstanding.

We have no hesitation in recommending them for process engineering solutions and will involve them in future requirements for our business".

Greg Tunks
General Manager
Logtek (Australia) Pty Ltd
(RPC20 Crate Erectors, Automated Washplant Outfeed Systems & De-erectors)

"We have enjoyed a great reduction in the labour used for erecting crates. From ten people down to two people, the return on investment and improved safety has been excellent for Frontera."

Chris Eddy
Sales and Operations Director
Frontera Produce, Texas, USA
(RPC 20 Crate Erectors)

"Installation was simple – Fibre King Engineers were on site for two days and one day of training for employees. Maintenance is quick and easy. Fibre King trained key staff in operation and troubleshooting."

Maintenance Manager
Frontera Produce, Texas, USA
(RPC 20 Crate Erectors)

"Mondello Farms recently installed a new RPC20 Crate Erector which has been a highly efficient addition to our production facility.

After we committed to the purchase of the crate erector Greg Constantinidis made a loan machine available to us to get a head start on the integration of the equipment into our facility. Greg liaised with us throughout the fabrication process to enable a seamless installation on completion.

Greg and the support team at Fibre King have now installed the machine and we are extremely happy with the result.
It has been a beneficial relationship and we look forward to dealing with Fibre King on future projects."

Brent Carolan
Chief Financial Officer
Mondello Farms
(RPC 20 Crate Erectors)

"Mountain Fresh Fruit Juices purchased a Fibre King Wraparound Case Packer for our glass line in 2004. It runs pretty much at 100% efficiency and gives us no problems, so when we needed a second case packer for our new PET line in 2007, the decision was an easy one. The Fibre King team are always extremely helpful, and again, the new case packer runs with no fuss. Great gear and great service".

Peter Stadler
Managing Director
Mountain Fresh Fruit Juices
(WAP25 Case Packers)

"Festo has worked with Fibre King in the packaging industry for three decades. Fibre King has actively engaged with us during the design and construction of some of the most innovative machines we've seen. With the Festo worldwide network we ensure spare part availability and support to meet the high service standards Fibre King require for their local and international operations."

Kevin Harrison
Queensland State Manager
Festo P/L

 Our Fibre King machinery has run almost without fault and has been a valuable part of our overall business' performance. In the single event when we did have an issue, it was sorted out remotely with little fuss.

Fibre King is the most efficient and attentive company I have had the pleasure of dealing with."

Damien Rigato
Rigato Farms
(RPC20 Crate Erectors & Conveying Systems)

"RPC's have moved us into world's best practice. Choosing the right equipment has maximised productivity around their use, and been critical to our success."

Darren Mitolo
Group Managing Director
Mitolo Group
(Crate Erectors with automated Depalletisers)

As we say: we don't just build machines - we engineer peace of mind.


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" (Fibre King's) ability to understand the particular challenges we faced, develop innovative design solutions, execute the build in a timely and cost effective manner and support us through the commissioning stage were outstanding."

Greg Tunks, Logtek (Australia) Pty Ltd

“... I have complete confidence in their engineering standards and professional customer support."

Colin Carter, Swire Cold Storage

“We’ve seen significant improvement in our production rates and the quality of our product."

Murray Wilson, JBS Swift