Active 150 Palletiser

Want a guaranteed workhorse, at higher speeds?

The Fibre King range of palletisers have been tested and proven to be extremely reliable, efficient and economical in their applications. The first Fibre King Palletiser ever manufactured still in operation after more than 25 years, and there are now more than 200 palletisers in the field.

The Active 150 can be supplied to run cases, tray/shrink, plastic crates/totes or drums. Advanced pallet handling and high-level stacking results in the formation of tightly formed stacks at speeds of up to 150 cases per minute.


  • Fully automatic
  • Compact design
  • Pattern versatility (overhead row & layer gating, pneumatic lift and turn station).
  • Rapid size changing (pre-programed switch selections, minimal mechanical adjustment)
  • Unique pallet handling system (fork lift dispenser and shuttle transportation provide consistent & accurate transfer of pallets).
  • Accurate and consistent stacks (four-side layer compression)
  • Versatility (wide range of ancillary equipment, choices in modular or stand alone unit)
  • Low noise output (electro-mechanical operation & belt under roll conveyors)
  • Color touchscreen
  • Clean and open design
  • Robust guarding
  • Reliability and spare parts availability

“... I have complete confidence in their engineering standards and professional customer support."

Colin Carter, Swire Cold Storage

Trust our 85+ years of engineering excellence

And enjoy peace of mind.

"We look for reliable, flexible, serviceable products and equipment... Fibre King consistently meets our demands."

Mark Krygger, Orora Group

“...from ten people down to two people, the return on investment and improved safety has been excellent for Frontera.”

Chris Eddy, Frontera Produce Texas, USA