Crate Palletiser / Depalletiser

Fibre King provides a number of pallet loading/unloading systems for crates.

For crates, totes or cases that are loaded with product, the Fibre King CP series or Robotic Palletising series can be supplied.

For use in washplants, Fibre King has a dedicated Crate Stacker Palletiser which receives stacks from one (or more) de-erector and loads them onto an empty pallet.

The Crate De-palletiser can be added to a Fibre King RPC Erector and automatically removes stacks from the pallet and feeds them to the erector.


  • Fully automatic, allows for unattended operation.
  • Heavy duty construction, 304 stainless steel frame for durability and long lasting appeal.
  • Compact design
  • Flexible layout options
  • Low noise output. Electro-mechanical operation and belt under roll conveyors create quieter working conditions.
  • Accurate and consistent stacks
  • Versatility. Wide range of ancillary equipment combined with choices in modular or stand alone units, handing and many other components.
  • Color touchscreen & remote suport
  • Robust guarding to International Standards
  • Reliability and spare parts availability

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