Able to handle multiple case heights without slowing production rates, the 4 Mag Lidder (shown) will deliver 20 cycles per minute for chilled product; 17 for frozen. Easy delivery and installation, maintenance, operation and capacity upgrades make this the ideal, compact lidder for your business.


  • 304 stainless steel heavy duty construction.
  • Dedicated chilled or frozen machines or a combined chilled/frozen machine.
  • Magazine upgrades: 1 to 6 (expandable).
  • Multiple case heights (random lidding of common footprint cases).
  • Flexible layout
  • Easy installation (ships in one piece)
  • Door step indexer (positive case separation with excellent line pressure control).
  • Flight bar case transport (positive case location with load distribution across the case to minimise the risk of case damage).
  • Endless chain dog style lid indexing system (synchronized to the flight bar case transport ensures 100% matching of lid to case).
  • Quick changeover times (fast & repeatable, motorised changeover optional)
  • Color touchscreen & remote support
  • Quiet operation
  • Clean and open design
  • Robust guarding
  • Reliability and spare parts availability

“... I have complete confidence in their engineering standards and professional customer support."

Colin Carter, Swire Cold Storage

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Allan Flanagan, Schweppes Australia Pty Ltd