Robotic Palletiser

Must have a robotic palletiser?

Robotic arms provide various advantages in poor working conditions and reduce the risk of injuries and human error. However, the design and quality of the ancillary handling equipment around the robot is critical to the palletiser's performance. Fibre King uses 50+ years experience in materials handling to deliver an integrated solution that you can trust.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Color touchscreen & remote support
  • Quiet operation
  • Clean and open design
  • Robust guarding
  • Reliability and spare parts availability
  • The ABB IRB 660
    • Thanks to its state-of-the-art 4-axes design, you can look forward to a speedy machine that combines a 3.15 metre reach with a 250 kg payload, making it ideal for palletising cases, crates, bags, drums and more.
    • Reliable
    • High production up time.
    • Short cycle times. The IRB 660's optimised motor power and motion performance ensure significantly shorter cycle times than competing products.
    • Outstanding position repeatability (± 0.03mm) and very good path accuracy.
    • Strong. Maximised utilisation.
    • High speed version capable of handling 180kg at full speed, and at a 250kg version for high through-put with 3.15m reach.
    • Robust. Suitable for harsh production environments.
    • The robot's rugged design and IP 67 rating make for steady performance in even the toughest environments.
    • Versatile. Flexible integration and production.
    • This robot's impressive reach means it can service up to four in-feed conveyors, two pallet stacks, one slip-sheet stack and four palletising out-feeding lines. In fact, the IRB660 has the versatility, reach and handling capacity to meet the demands of just about any palletising application.

" (Fibre King's) ability to understand the particular challenges we faced, develop innovative design solutions, execute the build in a timely and cost effective manner and support us through the commissioning stage were outstanding."

Greg Tunks, Logtek (Australia) Pty Ltd

“... I have complete confidence in their engineering standards and professional customer support."

Colin Carter, Swire Cold Storage

Trust our 85+ years of engineering excellence

And enjoy peace of mind.

“We’ve seen significant improvement in our production rates and the quality of our product."

Murray Wilson, JBS Swift