Capable of running a variety of Australasian, European and American standard footprints in various heights at up to 20 crates per minute, the Fibre King RPC erector is available with various options on the infeed and outfeed of the machine for manual or automatic handling of folded and erected returnable packaging crates.

The prototype for this machine was developed in 2005, in close consultation with the fresh food industry and retailers. Even with Fibre King's 85+ years of engineering experience and 50+ years of designing and manufacturing packaging technology, it has still taken years to refine and perfect the original prototype into what it is today: the world's most economical and reliable crate erector.

The Fibre King RPC range has erected over 100 million crates globally to date. We guarantee less headaches, more uptime and lower cost of use on a Fibre King RPC Erector. There's no fuss, no bother, no 'getting it right' at your expense.

We deliver exactly what we promise. Just ask some of our happy customers.

"We have enjoyed a great reduction in the labour used for erecting crates. From ten people down to two people, the return on investment and improved safety has been excellent for Frontera." Chris Eddy, Sales and Operations Director Frontera Produce, Texas, USA

"Installation was simple – Fibre King Engineers were on site for two days and one day of training for employees. They trained key staff in operation and troubleshooting, and maintenance is quick and easy." Maintenance Manager, Frontera Produce, Texas, USA

"We are very pleased with the partnership to use the automated erector from Fibre King in our meat plant. Fibre King's team is very professional, understand and values customer service, very responsive and most importantly, proactive to our needs. The machine has been a value-add for our Meat Team, they like the way the Crate Erector consistently performs without any down time and never calls in sick.

We look forward to our continued partnership with Fibre King to add additional Crate Erectors as needed in other areas of our business to maximise productivity gains." Ted Lechner, Reverse Logistics Manager H-E-B, Texas USA


  • Small footprint for speed capability. Relocatable by forklift.
  • Electro/pneumatic controlled movements (fast, accurate and gentle RPC handling).
  • Automatic size changes (for most RPCs within a common range). 

  • Fast changeovers – typically 10 minutes for range changes.
  • Flexible layout options (allows for the addition of RPC infeed and outfeed or automatic stacking and palletising).
  • Heavy duty stainless steel frame
  • Quiet operation
  • High capacity (magazine holds up to 35 RPCs).
  • Color touchscreen & remote support
  • Clean and open design
  • Reliability & spare parts availability
  • Wash plant options:
    • Crate inverter
    • Tag remover – for cardboard tags

Planning a new packaging line?

Get us involved in the early design process. It'll save you time and expense.

Trust our 85+ years of engineering excellence

And enjoy peace of mind.

This is one of the reasons that I prefer to deal with Fibre King. The excellent customer service!!”

Andrew Leiner, Parmalat Australia

“...from ten people down to two people, the return on investment and improved safety has been excellent for Frontera.”

Chris Eddy, Frontera Produce Texas, USA