Renting Makes Sense

Make your new packaging machine an operating expense, not a capital investment. It can help you get what you need now.

If you have an end-of-line packaging issue, here's an easy fix. Fibre King's classic range of automated case/tray packers, palletisers, meat equipment and crate erectors are available to rent.

There are so many good reasons to consider renting Fibre King machines:

Current users attest they enjoy less down-time with Fibre King equipment and lower overall cost of use, along with prompt service and excellent support.

Rental covers the cost of fair wear and tear items and repairs over the life of the agreement, preventing unscheduled out of pocket expenses.
Whereas purchases are a capital expense, rental costs are deductible against operating income. The Fibre King long term rental system delivers operating costs on an annual basis, simplifying budgeting and cost control.

A long term rental agreement is not required to be displayed as a liability in company financial statements (under some accounting standards, leases require balance sheet disclosure).

Renting also helps you obtain the latest packaging technology immediately.

This can reduce the number of staff you need, improve operator satisfaction, it has work place health and safety benefits, can lower your costs and the most important benefit of all – increased production capacity.

Choose from a range of machines with guaranteed reliability. Our complete range is included in our rental brochure.

"Equipment failure has a significant impact on all our valued customers.  We look for reliable, flexible, serviceable products and equipment from our preferred partners – Fibre King consistently meets our demands."

Mark Krygger
Manager, Packaging Systems & Services
Amcor Australasia

Phone us now on +61 7 3889 4400 for a casual chat about making your business grow.

Future-proof your packaging line. Easy upgrades included.

Fibre King machines offer maximum flexibility.

Trust our 85+ years of engineering excellence

And enjoy peace of mind.

" (Fibre King's) ability to understand the particular challenges we faced, develop innovative design solutions, execute the build in a timely and cost effective manner and support us through the commissioning stage were outstanding."

Greg Tunks, Logtek (Australia) Pty Ltd

Need a packaging machine without the headaches?

Better make it a Fibre King.