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Air rinser
CMP Palletiser - 2m x 3m
Case packer
Filler - customer choice
Modular belt conveyors
Accumulation conveyor

​We have developed specialised canning equipment for beverage manufacturers and are fast becoming a preferred supplier within this space.

We have been working with canning lines for over 40 years and have developed a full turnkey solution that gets your beverage into the can and ready for distribution as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.  We have a range of equipment that can be integrated into existing production lines and is modular in nature, meaning you can pick and choose from the range to suit your production needs.  


Our range includes; De-palletisers, conveyors, Can Rinser, Can fillers to suit your application, case packers and palletisers.  

  • Can De-palletisers: Can also be used for bottle applications.  Our de-palletiser is the first machine in the production line that takes your empty cans off the pallet and onto the conveyor belt ready for rinsing.  

  • Can Rinser cleans your cans ready for filling.

  • Fillers:  Customers choice of filler that we can source and integrate into the production line.  

  • Accumulation conveyors control the quantity of cans being distributed through the production line.  They allow upstream equipment to continue to run for a period of time before stopping if downstream equipment is stopped for any reason.

  • Modular belt conveyors move the cans along the production line with ease.

  • Case Packers: Our range of case packers include RSC top load, RSC end load and wraparound case packers are capable of running from 5 to 60 cases per minute depending on the volume needed.

  • Palletisers: While we have an extensive range of palletisers, we have found our CMP Palletiser (compact modular palletiser) to be the preferred option for many Australian and New Zealand beverage manufacturers due to its compact size of 2m x 3m and capable of up to 10 picks per minute (multiple cases can be picked depending on pallet pattern) with a great ROI.  

Give us a call and have a no obligation chat to see if our equipment can help you achieve, if not exceed your production goals.  

What our customers have to say

“In 2013/2014 Fibre King assisted Stone & Wood Brewing Company with some of the overall line design. They then went on to manufacture, deliver and install some of our new canning line equipment into our brewing facility in Murwillumbah. It was easy to deal with Fibre King as a local manufacturer who delivered a great system and continues to offer fantastic after sales service.”
Brad Rogers
Stone & Wood Brewing Company

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