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Robotic Innovation

Fibre King can custom build robotic

solutions to suit


Compact, Strong, Fast, Flexible & Safe the Fibre King 3-Axis Robot Arm Case Packer will revolutionise the way in which we load cases and collate products. 

The 3-axis articulating robot arm has been purpose designed to suit multiple applications around product collation, sorting and loading.  Using twin robot arms makes the collation and loading of products including pouches, cases, trays, bottles, tins etc a continuous motion which improves productivity, reliability and in a significantly smaller footprint compared to traditional continuous motion machines.  Pick and place loading is vastly improved over parallel arm kinematic systems by providing a wider range of operation and flexibility.  It is possible to increase the rate of production by expanding to multiple robot arms for simultaneous loading of multiple cases.  In this application it is possible to have a single robot gripper attachment picking multiple caseloads of product or multiple robots working in unison.  A single robot is designed to operate at high speed in a frequent start/stop motion while carrying a 40 kilogram payload. 


With such a high payload capacity the available applications are not limited to product handling for case packing.  Fibre King also see a range of applications for the 3-axis robot in palletising and more specifically full case handling. 

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