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Industry Solutions

fresh produce packaging automation
Fresh Produce
brewery packaging machinery
Dairy specific packaging equipment
Meet packaging machinery
beverage case packers and palletisers
Case packers and palletisers for packaged food
Packaged Food
Case packers and palletisers for personal care products
Personal Care
Case packers, palletisers, conveyors for pet foodood
Pet Food
Case packers and palletisers for infant formula
Infant Formula
Crate poolers
Crate Poolers
Case packers and palletisers for pharmaceuticals
Health Care
We work with our customers to develop automation solutions that boast intuitive operation and user friendly maintenance.  
Your operational knowledge combined with our industry expertise means your Fibre King equipment can be customised and designed to optimise efficiency, minimise floor space and reduce total cost of ownership.

When you choose Fibre King, you are choosing reliability and peace of mind – intelligent packaging machinery designed to future proof your business.
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