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Automation solutions for beverage manufacturers.

Take your production to the next level.  

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Air rinser
CMP Palletiser - 2m x 3m
Case packer
Filler - customer choice
Modular belt conveyors
Accumulation conveyor

We provide specialised automated equipment solutions for the beverage industry.  Our equipment handles glass/PET bottles and cans at rates of 50 containers per minute up to 400 containers per minute.   

  • Replace repetitive manual tasks and unlock your production capacity

  • Reduce direct labour costs and redirect staff toward higher value tasks  

  • Pay back on equipment solutions is between 1 – 3 years


We have been working with beverage production lines for over 50 years and have developed a full turnkey solution that incorporates our own equipment along with industry leading suppliers to provide an entire solution from depalletising, rinsing, filling, labelling and coding, Cluster/multi packs, conveying, packing, palletising and shrinkwrapping.  


Our equipment can be integrated into existing production lines and is modular in nature, meaning you can pick and choose machinery to suit your production needs.  We also provide a Project Management service that incorporates third party equipment providers to ensure projects run smoothly and customers only have to deal with one point of contact.

Our Engineering team works within the constraints of your existing production facility to create an automation solution that maximizes the available space and integrates with existing machinery.

We provide the following equipment as standalone or as a turnkey solution:

  • Depalletisers

  • Twist rinse system with ionised air rinsing (canning)

  • Filler

  • Seamer

  • Fill height/seam checking inspection systems

  • Inline labelling

  • Inkjet coding

  • Cluster/Multi Packers

  • Can Clip Applicator (Paktech, Ecogrip)

  • Labelling for Can Clips (Point of Sales Barcode Sticker)

  • Case Packing

  • Case Labelling or Coding

  • Palletising

  • Accumulation conveying

  • All Custom conveying needs

Let us help you unlock your production capacity, give us a call on 1300 831 330

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Customer Success Stories 

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