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As we look to the future, we acknowledge our past.  Our heritage is our strength.....and it all started in 1926.

RL Windsor - Fibre King
Fibre Kings long history
Fibre King’s origins go back 90 years to our founding company
RL Windsor & Son Pty Ltd.

The company of RL Windsor & Son commenced operation in
1926, initially supplying knives and blacksmithing services to
industry in the post-war years.

Over the years, our founder RL Windsor undertook many successful projects, including the development
of machinery for the dried and fresh fruit and timber industries.
This included tree harvesters, high pruners for forestry,
sawing equipment, log handlers, stackers and feeders and a
range of plywood presses and board loading systems; all of
which provided a strong foundation for what was to come.
Engineering excellence since 1926
Fibre King's first packaging machine
Packaging Pioneers
RLW became one of the first Australian companies to offer
locally designed and manufactured packaging machinery under the Covic-Windsor brand.

Before this time, the only packaging machines available to
Australian producers were either imported or replicas of overseas products produced under licence.
A Fibre King Case Packer
Fibre King's first case sealer
The Meeandah factory is built along the Brisbane River.  Greg Windsor aged 13 at the time assisted his father with the build. 
Introducing Fibre King
The Fibre King name is created by R.N. Windsor and Geoff Wright, Engineer with Amcor on their way back from a joint 3 month overseas trip. 
The first Fibre King range launches in Australia and New Zealand with the GM1800 Case Sealer.
Fibre king focuses on designing packaging machinery
The Future
is Fibre King
RLW decide to focus solely on packaging machinery and the Fibre King brand due to the cyclical nature of the timber industry. All Amcor shares are reacquired by Fibre King.

Under Fibre King, new product development for the packaging industry is the focus and the first Mechanical Palletiser is designed and manufactured.
Global Focus
Meat equipment solutions
Trading Places
Based on the growing strength of the brand both domestically & internationally, the trading name of the business is changed to Fibre King Pty Ltd.

A range of Meat Equipment solutions is launched into the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Today, Fibre King continues to have a strong reputation in the Meat Industry, working with most of the major players in this space.
Fibre King move into a new 2000m2 purpose-built factory
and office facility in the outer Brisbane suburb of Clontarf.

2001 also marks the start of the company’s global expansion and export development with successful projects in new markets - including both China and Singapore.
Manufacturing facility for packaging machinery
Crate automation equipment for fresh produce industry
A New Era in Crates
Oryx Automation - Crate Automation
Oryx Automation
Fibre King launches the highly successful and innovative
Crate Equipment Range.

Designed to automate all aspects of crate handling, this new
product range gives Fibre King the opportunity to showcase their skills and talent outside of the more traditional corrugate space.

Fibre King exports its first machine into the European market.
Fibre King robotic Palletiser in Thailand
Thailand Facility
Fibre King celebrates 90 years of Engineering excellence
Celebrating 90 Years
Fibre King celebrates 90 Years of Engineering

After securing four large scale domestic crate
handling projects, Fibre King consolidate their
position as Australia’s leading Crate Automation
Solutions Provider.
“Our 90 years of engineering experience and systems
development underpins everything we do – it defines us.”

James Windsor, CEO
Fibre King opened the doors to their new Thailand manufacturing facility in October 2012.

Located two hours south of Bangkok in Rayong, this additional 2000m2 of manufacturing capacity ensures Fibre King can accept and deliver large scale turn key projects.

Fibre King starts exporting to the United Arab Emirates - the first order consists of ten Case Packers and two Palletisers into Dubai.
Thailand packaging machinery manufacturing facility
And Beyond
Fibre KIng 3D Modelling better solutions for production facilities
From its origins as a small blacksmithing shop in
Fortitude Valley, Fibre King has since become a visionary
leader in the Australian manufacturing industry.

The last decade has seen strong international growth and
additional manufacturing capacity has opened up
new markets and led to the development of new products.

Immediate goals include growing the service team in
order to offer a more comprehensive Engineered
Maintenance offer, as well as continuing to advance
and develop our Smart Solution offers in categories such as serialisation and data control.

As a business, Fibre King will continue to enjoy the
challenge of engineering a better solution - for the next 90 years and beyond.
Design Focus
Amcor Limited purchases a 50% share in R.L. Windsor (RLW) and takes on the role of marketing Fibre King machines.

RLW concentrate on machine design, development and manufacture.
Fibre Kings first mechanical palletiser
RLW develop a harvester for plantation pines - Windsor Harvester.
Harvester for plantation pines
Harvesting Success
Fibre king's first wraparound case packer
Moving Upstream
The first Fibre King Wraparound Case Packer launches in Australia.

Manufacture of Case Sealers and Case Over Packers (COP) continues for both Australia and South East Asian markets.

The Case Sealer Range now includes the YL and HM Sealer.
RPC12-25GSCrateErector (800x487).jpg
FibreKing CP20-60 WhiteBack.jpg
FK Logo_Plain Logo_White Background.jpg
Oryx Automation is launched in to the North American
market.  Oryx Automation is positioned as a brand of Fibre King
covering all Crate Handling projects globally.
R&D into new Crate Handling opportunities for expansion into Distribution Centres and large scale Pack Houses.
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