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Fibre King works with their customers creating turnkey solutions to meet their packaging requirements, budgets, time frames and most of all, exceed their expectations.

No two business are alike.  All of our packaging machinery can be adapted to suit your facility.

Custom packaging machinery


We work with our customers to understand their specific requirements and collaborate to develop a solution that will exceed production expectations.

We understand that no two businesses are the same and have created an in-depth process for addressing each customers needs that incorporates a multitude of variables throughout the entire production process.  It starts with a clear understanding of their requirements and gets very detailed including down to available floor space and preferred layouts to optimise factory performance. 

Off the shelf packaging equipment



Our machinery range provides automation solutions for the dairy, meat, FMCG, beverage, fresh produce, frozen food, household/personal care, and pharmaceutical industries.

While we do provide a number of shelf - ready options, these are built with customization and future proofing in mind to ensure that our customers can gain optimal productivity from the machine years on.  Each system is designed for maximum flexibility of pack sizes and formats, and to easily accommodate future packaging format changes as well as technological advancements. To see our range click here.

Production line service team



From breakdown assistance to planned periodic maintenance contracts, Fibre King’s growing Engineered Service team are focused on a Total Productive Maintenance approach for the end user. 

An efficient and productive factory relies on more than just a Service and Maintenance Program. We know from experience that both internal and external forces impact on equipment performance.  Fibre King works with you to develop a Service Program that builds Total Plant Efficiency. Click here for more information.

Engineering services Australia and Thailand



We provide modifications to existing equipment, general welding and fabrication, manufacture of parts and components to customer requirements.

Our general Engineering services extends to providing solutions for our new and existing customers to help with a range of engineering needs. For our full range of services click here.

Integrated autiomtion machinery


Robots, Stretchwrappers, AGV's - it has always been our responsibility to smoothly integrate with upstream and downstream equipment.

We use our good relationships and extensive experience with other suppliers to enable smooth integration. Our 90 years in the packaging industry and exemplary reputation has forged bonds that help us create the perfect fit with everyone on the job, from fillers, checkweighers and bottlers, cartoners, stretchwrappers to warehousing equipment and guided vehicles. 

Fibre King partners



We rely on our proprietary and innovation partners to extend our knowledge and develop smarter automation.

Fibre King has an excellent reputation for designing, engineering and manufacturing high quality end of line packing solutions for companies all over the world. In order to maintain this high standard of design and to ensure our customers are receiving a future proof machine we collaborate with other industry leaders.  Find our who we have worked with here.

Robotic automation specialists



We work with the best in Robotic Technology to offer full turnkey end of line solutions for our customers.

We are experienced with robotic technology and have incorporated them into a number of our projects.  We continue to work with the top robotic manufacturers to incorporate these into better solutions for our clients. 

3D modelling service for turnkey automated production lines



Presenting complex end of line solutions is a breeze with our 3D Modelling technology.  

We have been using Demo 3D to develop project layouts, giving us a leading edge when it comes to developing and presenting complex end of line solutions.  Resulting in more practical and effective solutions. Click here for more information.

leaders in innovation for packaging automation
Our R&D and Robotics Teams are always looking for new and unique ways to solve our customers problems - we are always looking to the future.
By using our experience and understanding of our customers needs we are able to develop smarter solutions for their industry.  Our strong relationships with other top industry leaders also allows us to integrate new technologies and robotics into our designs.
Prouction line working at maximum capacity
Your investment into a Fibre King machine is backed by our full service warranty, operator training and ongoing support.
We're on hand to make sure your production line is working at maximum capacity from the date of commissioning, no matter what it takes.  Sophisticated remote access means we can monitor performance of our equipment anywhere around the world, and provide immediate technical assistance. Click here to find our more.
The Fibre King Service Department provides a full range of rebuild and overhaul services for all of our equipment. From mechanical repairs and safety guarding compliance to PLC upgrades and reprogramming, all the services you need to keep your equipment reliable and future proof can be handled by us. We are always listening to our customers evolving needs and investing in R&D to improve on existing machines.  All new innovations can be integrated into our machines.  Our engineers are continuously looking for ways to drive productivity for our end users.
Improve efficiency of your productin facility


Fibre King works with customers to develop a service program that builds Total Plant Efficiency.  Their team of specialist designers and manufacturers have a wealth of material handling knowledge and experience.

Fibre King’s Engineered Service solutions are centred around the concept of reliability and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).  The benefits of TPM include:

  • Improved quality

  • Reduced waste

  • Reduced manufacturing costs

  • Increased equipment availability

Production facility breakdown assistance
We are 100% committed to making our machines work and our people are there when they're needed, every time. Our service partners around the globe ensure premium levels of assistance – no matter where you are.
Sophisticated remote access means we can monitor performance of our equipment anywhere around the world, and provide immediate technical assistance.

If needs be, one of our people will be there with you on site to sort out the issue, pronto.

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