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If you need end of line packaging equipment that won't give you endless headaches, we can help you.

The Fibre King difference is simply this:

  • less down-time plus

  • lower overall cost of use,

  • delivered via exceptional service.

Our focus is always on the customer - we design and build with both the operator and maintenance team in mind.  Who better than our customer to help us develop equipment that is easy to operate and cost effective to maintain? 
This collaboration - along with our award winning team - is the key to our success and the success of our customers.    

Exported all over the globe, into highly competitive markets, Fibre King machines are designed and manufactured to withstand constant, rigorous use.  What kind of comfort would you gain from knowing you’ve invested in equipment that keeps on going (and going) for decades on end, supported by a dynamic team who’ve been doing this for even longer?

That’s the Fibre King Difference, right there.  It’s all about your peace of mind.

James Windsor, CEO of Fibre King
"At the end of the day our job is to ensure that our customers are running at maximum productivity with minimal downtime and we understand the variables that can effect this and incorporate these into the design." - James Windsor, CEO

The Fibre King Difference

Less Down Time
Fibre King machines are designed and manufactured to withstand constant, rigorous use.
Changeovers happen quickly and seamlessly; and we build in easy access for maintenance and upgrades.
We take a Total Cost of Ownership approach for our customers, focusing on overall equipment efficiency and complete line performance.
Our remote monitoring, PLC programming and service standards are such that some of the world’s biggest companies choose Fibre King as their preferred supplier. 
Lower Cost of Use 
Let’s start with strategic design – we make a study of the end use and create a machine that does what it needs to most efficiently, using the best technology available.
Our classic Fibre King machines are tailored to your exact requirements, and the beauty is that if your requirements change, the equipment can usually be converted to suit.
Less operator intervention is required on a Fibre King machine; your products will be better protected in transit because of our superior quality packs; and all this is backed by faster maintenance and support, plus competitively priced spares. 
No Excuses Service
Your investment into a Fibre King machine is backed by our full service warranty, operator training and ongoing support.  We are on hand to make sure your production line is working at maximum capacity from the date of commissioning - no matter what it takes.

Fibre King's "No Excuses Service Policy" keeps our customers' packaging lines running, 24/7.

Regardless of how the problem occurred, we put all our effort into resolving the issue. Why? Because, if we approach your business as our own, we create genuine, long-lasting partnerships.

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