Preferred by the Meat and Fresh Produce Industries

Fibre King put 50 years of packaging expertise into the task of designing a line of specialised machinery to handle the demands of meat and fresh produce production lines.




Fibre King Case Packers are used globally by some of the biggest names in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, FMCG and petrochemicals.

You name it, we pack it.


Lidder Range
Fibre King Lidder
Laminator Tray Former
Fibre King Laminator Tray Former

​Fibre King's range of Case and Tray handling equipment are renowned for their ability to provide many years of faultless operation.  Built to withstand the toughest of conditions and 24/7 operation you will have peace of mind that the job will get done accurately and efficiently with less downtime. 

Fast and repeatable changeovers deliver maximum line uptime. Clean, open design means easy operator and maintenance access. Best of all, they're easy to use and designed to reduce production costs.

FK YL Sealer
Random Case Sizes

What our customers have to say

“...the machine has been a value-add for our meat
team. They like the way the erector consistently
performs without any down time and never calls in sick.
We look forward to our continued partnership with
Fibre King to add additional erectors as needed in other
areas of our business to maximize productivity gains.”
Ted Lechner - Reverse Logistics Manager
H-E-B, Texas

“We’ve seen significant improvement in our production rates and the quality of our product... we value the service and support we’ve been given by Amcor and Fibre King.

They’ve certainly made good on their promise of more uptime.

We expected our fair share of problems during installation, but it’s been a dream run.

The new cartons make us look a whole lot better out there in the market.”

Murray Wilson,

Plant Manager, JBS Swift Dinmore

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