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Fresh produce carton/case sealer

Handles up to three different carton sizes without slowing production.


Designed for the fresh produce industry the YL Sealer handles up to three different carton sizes without slowing production.

The YL Sealer is a compact, reliable machine built specifically to handle the requirements of the fresh produce industry. Capable
of handling random height cartons at up to 35 cartons per minute. This machine also features a hot melt glue sealer for lower cost of
operation, automatic infeed for top and bottom case sealing. Easy delivery and installation, maintenance, operation and capacity
upgrades make this the ideal, compact machine for your facility.


Glue System
Top and bottom hot melt glue sealer for lower cost of operation over tape. Nordson ProBlue P4 (as Standard)


Carton Heights

Handles up to 3 carton heights

Flexible Layout
Can be configured for custom infeed/outfeed orientations. The machine is future proofed for relocation.

Easy Installation
Designed to be shipped in one piece – within standard shipping restrictions.

Compact Design
Length: 5,000mm
Width: 900mm
Handling Range Pack Size (mm) Max Min
Length                         600   200
Width                             350   150
Height                     350   110
Flap                       150   -



All specifications listed below are typical – we can customize our machines to suit your needs.



Up to 35 cartons per minute

Automatic Infeed
Cartons are perfectly fed into the machine
ensuring precise forming and sealing.


Standard Finish
304 Stainless Steel


Standard Controls
Allen-Bradley PLC

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables

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