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Introducing Our Advanced PAKSMART Product Range

Our PAKSMART range specialises in the development and manufacture of high quality machinery for the automation of carton packaging processes.

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At PAKSMART Machinery, we've dedicated over 18 years to developing a range of products that stands at the forefront of the packaging industry. And now, as part of the Fibre King family, our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction continues to thrive.


Tailored Packaging Solutions

Our product range is designed with one thing in mind – your needs. Whether you're part of the bustling food and beverage sector or a specialist in pharmaceuticals and contract packing, our machinery is tailored to enhance your efficiency and productivity. We understand the various challenges our clients face, and we respond with solutions that are as unique as your business.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Customised Design: Each PAKSMART machine is crafted to address specific packaging requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your company's operational flow.

  • High Productivity: Our advanced technology is engineered to streamline your packaging process, boosting your production capacity and saving you valuable time.

  • Quality and Durability: Built to last, our machinery is known for its reliability and endurance, giving you peace of mind and reducing maintenance costs.

  • Expert Assistance: With PAKSMART and Fibre King standing together, you gain access to an expanded pool of industry experts ready to assist you at every turn.


Low speed Cartoner
Pick and Place Sachet Feeder
Moderate speed Cartoner
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PC120 full view KB 2 10cm.jpg
High speed Cartoner

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High Speed Card / Leaflet Insterer

Strength in Unity

With the merger of PAKSMART and Fibre King, we are excited to announce that our potential to serve you has magnificently expanded. Fibre King's well-established market presence, coupled with our cartoning expertise, makes for an unbeatable combination. This union is set to bring about:

  • Broader Expertise: We now offer a wider spectrum of innovative solutions, backed by the extensive know-how of both PAKSMART and Fibre King.

  • Enhanced Support Network: Our combined forces mean even more support for your business, with a larger team of specialists dedicated to your success.

  • Continued Excellence: As we join hands with Fibre King, our promise to deliver outstanding products and exceptional service only grows stronger.


Committed to Growth and Improvement

In our pursuit of perfection, we continuously strive to improve not only our products but also the experiences we provide to our valued customers. PAKSMART Machinery, under the umbrella of Fibre King, is set to soar to new heights of industry leadership while maintaining the personal touch and responsiveness that our clients cherish.

Your trust is our motivation, and your success—our goal. Explore our PAKSMART product range and discover the difference dedication makes.

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