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Tailored Solutions

No two businesses are alike.  Fibre King works with their customers creating turnkey solutions to meet their requirements, budgets, time frames and most of all, exceed their expectations.

We have extensive experience in providing innovative solutions to our customers located in Australia and around the world.  We understand that no two businesses are the same and have created an in-depth process for addressing our customers needs that incorporates a multitude of variables throughout the entire production process.  It starts with a clear understanding of our customers requirements and gets very detailed including down to available floor space and preferred layouts to optimise factory performance.  At the end of the day our job is to ensure that our customers are running at maximum productivity with minimal downtime and we understand the variables that can effect this and incorporate these into the design.

Presenting complex end of line solutions is a breeze with our 3D Modelling technology.  


We have been using Demo 3D to develop project layouts, giving us a leading edge when it comes to developing and presenting complex end of line solutions.  Resulting in more practical and effective solutions.


With the ability to present our customers with a 3D image or video offers a more interactive and transparent solution for their needs.  This technology allows the customer to visualise the every day “operational” requirements of a facility – forklift movements, access ways, replenishment points etc.  The 3D layout brings a concept one step closer to reality, and allows our clients to more easily see any practical issues with the location or layout of our equipment.


In addition to static layouts, Demo 3D provides a simulation package that can take the guess work out of sortation and case or product rate calculations.


For large scale and complex conveying projects, Demo 3D also allows us to simulate case and merge rates, and essentially prove the solution to ourselves and ultimately the customer.

Integration Specialists 


We integrate with upstream and downstream suppliers, using our experience and trusted relationships to ensure that engineering of proprietary items meets your needs, and makes it easy to hand shake on site. 


We use our good relationships with other suppliers to enable smooth integration. Our 50+ years in the packaging industry and exemplary reputation has forged bonds that help us create the perfect fit with everyone on the job, from fillers, checkweighers and bottlers, cartoners, stretchwrappers to warehousing equipment and guided vehicles. 

Robotic Specialists


We work with the best in Robotic Technology to offer full turnkey end of line solutions for our customers.

We are experienced with robotic technology and have incorporated them into a number of our projects.  We continue to work with the top robotic manufacturers to incorporate these into better solutions for our clients. 

PLC Programming 


It takes skilled programming to get everything working smoothly on site.


Our Installation and Commissioning Team is comprised of experienced mechanical and electrical technicians and software/PLC engineers, and every Oryx machine is backed by our full service warranty, operator training and ongoing support.


Yes, we can offer Off-Shelf Solutions   


Our experience has allowed us to create a range of machines that suit specific industries such as dairy, meat, FMCG, beverage, fresh produce, frozen food, household/personal care, infant formula and pharmaceuticals.  


While we do provide a number of shelf - ready options, these are built with customization and future proofing in mind to ensure that our customers can gain optimal productivity from the machine years on.  Each system is designed for maximum flexibility of pack sizes and formats, and to easily accommodate future packaging format changes as well as technological advancements.


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