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Engineered Services For Your Manufacturing Facility

Fibre King's full range of services take advantage of our knowledge, experience and skill.  Our team of Service Engineers have been installing packaging equipment to facilities around the globe for over half a century and are committed to providing services that improve productivity, safety and efficiencies. 

breakdown assistance for your manufacturing facility
Break Down Assistance
We are 100% committed to making our machines work and our people are there when they are needed, every time.
Manufacturing maintenance contracts
Maintenance Contracts
We work with customers to develop a service program that builds Total Plant Efficiency (TPE).
machinery upgrades for case packers, palletisers, conveyors, case and tray hadling equipment
Machine Upgrades
We provide a full range of rebuild and overhaul services - from mechanical repairs to safety guarding compliance.
3d modelling to help visualise your manufacturing facility
Facility Layouts
Looking to upgrade or relocate your facility?  We use 3D Modelling to help visualise layouts and logistics.
General egineering services to compliment your manufacturing business
General Engineering
Our Engineering team can help you with modifications within your production line to better suit your needs.
Manufacturing and machining services
Manufacturing and Machining
Need any machining or manufacturing done on a regular or once off basis?  We have the facility and skills required.
Programming and HMI Integration
Programming and HMI Integration
We provide PLC reprogramming and upgrades as well as HMI integration to benefit from new technology.
Welding and fabrication specialists
We can take care of your welding and fabrication needs.
Qualified trasespeople make up our service team
Qualified Tradespeople
All of our Service Engineers are trade qualified ensuring you are in good hands.



With a global equipment footprint, Fibre King coordinates all service and maintenance requirements and resources out of Australia.  With service staff in both Australia and Thailand Fibre King also partner with service providers in North America, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and Europe, and our equipment’s remote servicing capabilities mean that we can dial in to diagnose online. 

“With such a large installed base, Fibre King is well positioned to provide a comprehensive service offering for our customers.  We know from experience that both internal and external forces impact on equipment performance, and that businesses must take a holistic view when it comes to efficiency – this includes operators, site maintenance, equipment suppliers and management.” Paul Ware, Fibre King Service Manager.


Fibre King works with customers to develop a service program that builds Total Plant Efficiency and their team of specialist designers and manufacturers have a wealth of material handling knowledge and experience - “We understand the environments we work in,” says Paul, “Many of our staff have worked on the production floor and understand how important a well-designed maintenance program can be.  They can relate to the issues they see in the field caused by lack of training and continual improvement.”


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