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Your investment into a Fibre King packaging machine is backed by our full service warranty, operator training and ongoing support.

Support you can rely on.

We're on hand to make sure your production line is working at maximum capacity from the date of commissioning, no matter what it takes.  Sophisticated remote access means we can monitor performance of our equipment anywhere around the world, and provide immediate technical assistance.

Global Support fo Production Facilities
Global Reach
From Australia we service the entire globe. With manufacturing facilities in both Australia and Thailand, we also have offices and representatives in North America, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, South East Asia, Europe and Australia, and remote servicing capabilities means we can assist with most client needs directly from head office.
Fast, reliable service for your production facility
Enjoy peace of mind with Fibre King packaging machinery
No Excuses Service


Fibre King's "No Excuses Service Policy" is a company-wide mandate to keep our customers' packaging lines running, 24/7.

Regardless of how the problem occurred, we put 200% effort into resolving the issue. Why? Because, based on our experience, if we approach your business as our own, we create genuine, long-lasting partnerships.

We Engineer Peace of Mind


Innovative machines, combined with our guarantee of reliability that gives you more uptime, fewer problems and ultimately your peace of mind.


Let our sustainable designs future proof your operation.

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