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Maximizes board performance

+ 17/20 Trays/min


Tray Former with or without Lamination. 

If you need a perfectly square tray with excellent glue bonding to deliver superior stacking strength then this is the only machine on the market that will deliver.

The Fibre King Tray Former folds and glues at up to 20 trays per minute. Able to handle the heaviest board grades, it is specifically designed to maximize board performance.

As an option, the Fibre King Laminator Tray Former automatically laminates a double wall of support as it folds and glues, at up to 17 trays per minute.


Option for Automatic Lamination of Trays
This creates a double wall of support for contents and superior base strength (compared to board laminated in a continuous run) and minimizes stress to the board during folding and gluing

Versatile Product Handling
Can handle chilled bases in unlaminated or prelaminated stock, in even the heaviest board grades used in the meat industry

Secure Seal
With no chance of product contamination

Automatic Tray Height Change
Without slowing production: automatic size change using a servo controlled system that detects tray height changes and adjust all settings accordingly

Multiple Footprint Trays
As an option the machine can be supplied with the ability to run two tray footprints

Excellent Glue Bonding and Fibre Tear
As a result of self levelling compression mechanisms which handle the variations typical of corrugate board

Trolley or blank stack conveyor loading

Spares Always Available
Only high end proprietary items are used ensuring reliable performance and immediate availability of spare parts

Flexible Layout Options
Designed to suit your available space

Compact Footprint


All specifications listed below are typical – we can customize our machines to suit your needs.



Up to 20 Trays/Min

Multiple Trolley Blanks

Multiple Trolley Blanks can be supplied

Standard Finish
304 Stainless Steel


Standard Controls
Allen-Bradley PLC

  • Chilled or Frozen Trays
  • Left or Right Infeed Handling
  • Modular Design - Retrofittable
  • Multiple Blank Trolleys
  • Straight or 90° Outfeed

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