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Collates cans and applies clips at 30 picks per minute, 7200 cans an hour for 4 packs and 10800 cans an hour for 6 packs.




  • Supports PakTech can holders

  • Supports Ecogrip can holders - 100% Australian recycled plastic

  • Option to have twin CCA's to double through put 

  • Stainless Steel Frame & Components

  • Ultra-Compact Design

  • 4 & 6 Pack Configurations

  • 375ml to 500ml Can Heights

  • Up to 8000 cans per hour (matching 5 cases/min of Little Packer)

  • Australian owned and supported 

  • Local parts and service 

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Video of our CCA in action 

The industries only Aussie made Can Carrier Applicator (CCA) 

We've developed Australia's first Australian owned and locally supported Automatic Can Carrier Applicator that supports PakTech and Ecogrip Can Carriers. 

Designed for craft brewers our CCA has had great success and is used by craft brewers throughout Australia.  

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To find out more about ecogrip can holders click here

Who's got one?

Get in touch

for pricing and options. 

Pictured with Little Packer Case Packer


Twin CCA's at Colonial Brewing Co 

2021 07 07 Fibre King Photos-3.jpg

CCA at Your Mates Brewery


CCA run up for Capitol Brewing Co

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