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Reliable, low cost and high speed

Fully automatic


The Fibre King Case Sealer is a reliable, low cost, high speed and fully automatic machine that will increase your production rates.

Able to handle a wide range of case sizes, the Case Sealer is compact and low maintenance. It is easy to use and will mean you can pack more cases with less staff. And just in case you need it, we provide local service and support for all Fibre King packaging machines.

Fully Automatic Operation

Easy Size Change

Screw handle adjustments and a variety of glue pattern selections

Manual or Automatic Infeed
Positive case control separation and indexing.

Robust Guarding
Electrically interlocked to International Standards.

Top Flap Tucking
Pneumatic tucking arm for folding top minor flaps.

Nordson Hot Melt System
Nordson P4 applicator (or equivalent), can be upgraded to larger capacity if required. Coupled with the PLC, this results in the versatile and reliable application of the hot melt adhesive.

Reliability and Spare Parts Availability
Only high-end proprietary items are used, ensuring reliable performance and immediate availability of spare parts.

Compact Footprint
Maximum utilization of valuable floor space

Durable and Low Maintenance Finish
Painted mild steel. Stainless steel finish available.


All specifications listed below are typical – we can customize our machines to suit your needs.


Hange up to 15 Cases/Min
TL Range up to 40 Cases/Min

Case Conveyor

Low, Medium and High Range Options to suit the application

Standard Finish
304 Stainless Steel

Tape or Glue

Standard Controls
Allen-Bradley PLC

  • RSC Cases

  • Automatic Size Change

  • Tape or Glue Seal

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