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Affordable, compact palletiser

Compact, affordable and reliable, ideal for low-mid speed palletising.

Advanced pack handling


The Fibre King CMP is an automatic palletiser developed for low to mid speed palletising applications and features a pick and place vacuum gripper which is entrusted to a cantilevered, gantry-style mechanical structure.


The machine is capable of handling up to 15 cases per minute and was designed to be able to handle; cases, drums, shrinkwrapped packs and crates. Easy delivery and installation, maintenance, operation and capacity upgrades make this the ideal, compact machine for your facility.


Fully Automatic Operation
Up to 15 cases per minute

Reliability and Spare Parts Availability
Only high-end proprietary items are used, ensuring reliable performance and immediate availability of spare parts.

Compact Footprint
2m x 3m footprint

Left or Right Handling

Quiet Operation
Usually less than 80dB.


The machine is P.L.C. controlled with full interlocking, and automatic control of operating sequences. In manual mode, the controls allow the operator to override all

Flexible Layout
Can be configured for custom infeed/outfeed orientations. The machine is future proofed for relocation.

Easy Installation
Designed to be shipped in one piece – within standard shipping restrictions.


All specifications listed below are typical – we can customize our machines to suit your needs.



Up to 15 Cases/Min, dependent on Pallet Pattern.

Dependent on Pallet Pattern. Options include: Incline, Elevator, Cross Turner

Three Pallet Capacity

Standard Finish
Mild Steel

  • Cases
  • Crates / RPCs
  • Shrinkwrapped Product
  • Drums
  • Multiple Pallet Sizes
  • Stretch Wrapping
  • Over Under Pallet Conveyor for automatic pallet changeover
  • Empty Pallet Dispenser
  • End or Side Loading facility

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