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Compact, high quality and affordable craft sized can
depalletiser that meets Australian Safety Standards

Our ‘Little’ Depalletiser has been designed to suit the needs of the craft brewery/beverage industry and provides a compact, reliable, high-quality depalletising solution that meets Australian Safety Standards. The Little Depalletiser is designed to automatically unload cans from pallets and feed these into the production line.


Product Type

Cans, Bottles 


Speed of up to 4 layers per minute

120 cans / minute 

Heavy Duty Construction
Made out of stainless steel, our  Depalletisers are designed for use in 24 hour per day production environments, for a serviceable life of 15 years.


Quick Changeover Times
Changeovers are quick and repeatable. Typical change over times of less than 2 minutes. Automatic adjustment
between product heights.

Modular Design
Design is flexible to suit your production requirements.  Fully enclosed hoist chamber to ensure that no product
can fall.

Colour Touch Screen
Full monitoring of machine status and diagnostics. Internet access enables our engineers to provide exceptional levels
of remote support.



• Totally modular and configurable layout.


• Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic



• Integrated pallet handling including full pallet   conveying and empty pallet stacking

Automatic pallet top boards and layer pad     handling

• Smooth and gentle product handling


  • flow of cans with less damage.Uniquely utilises pressureless singalising for smoother

  • Layer sheet removal.

  • Twist Rinser / Lowerator

  • Multiple can sizes

  • Anti Jam feature - the conveyor reverses if there is a jam to release the cans

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