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The leaner, greener crate machine

at up to 20 crates/min

Crate Erector GS

Introducing the new lower-cost RPC erector – intelligently designed to be the most economical and user-friendly RPC erector available.

Oryx crate erectors have handled over 120 million returnable plastic crates to date, minimizing labor costs for both small and large operations globally. The GS model is the latest addition to the range, capable of running a range of thin or thick base RPCs at up to 20 crates per minute.

It is available with various options on the infeed and outfeed to marry seamlessly with existing packing lines.


Automatic Operation
Allows for unattended operation of either:
• Thin base RPC sizes from 6408 to 6419, OR
• Thick base RPC sizes from 6423 to 6428

Fast Operation & Fast Changeovers
Up to 25 RPCs per minute are run through the machine in size batches. A small mechanical and program change is required to change batches

Smallest Footprint
Maximize your valuable floor space with this extremely compact design

Flexible Layout Options
Allows for the addition of crate infeed and outfeed, and automatic stacking and palletizing. (See Oryx Crate Equipment category brochure for more details)

Heavy Duty Construction
Stainless steel frame for durability and long lasting appeal

Quiet Operation
80dB or less

Advanced PLC System
With full monitoring of machine status and diagnostics. Modem access enables our engineers to provide exceptional levels of remote support
Touch Screen Display
(On opposite side) for easy diagnostics of machine functions, simplifies tasks for operators and maintenance personnel, and provides remote access for technical support
Easy to Relocate
Able to be moved by forklift
Pneumatically Controlled Movements
Fast, accurate and gentle RPC handling
All specifications listed below are typical – we can customize our machines to suit your needs.

Up to 20 Crates/Min

5 Stack Roller Conveyor as Standard. Options include extended infeed & De Palletiser

30 Stack Magazine

Standard Finish
304 Stainless Steel
Standard Controls
Allen-Bradley PLC
  • Rpcs
  • Automatic Size Change
  • De Palletizer
  • Extended Infeed Conveyor
  • Integrated Outfeed Conveyor
  • Latch Check & Detect
  • Stacker
  • Stacker Palletizer

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