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Craft Brewery ‘Little Packer’ 

Move away from manual packing processes

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A 5-minute chat will reveal how much we can save you each week by replacing your manual packing processes with an automated one. 

If you are unsure whether the benefits outweigh the costs then give us a call and we can help you run the figures and determine whether you are ready for end of line automation and if not, when you will be.  After a few simple questions we will be able to show you:

  • If we can provide real savings by replacing manual packing with our Little Packer case packing machine.

  • What the payback period will be.

  • If you are missing out on any other savings that we have identified in the market after working with so many breweries.  

If the savings don’t outweigh the costs as yet, we can show you what volumes you need to be producing to be able to benefit from the cost savings. 

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Move away from manual packing processes with our World first mini case packer designed specifically for the craft brewery market.


Introducing…the “Little Packer” 1.2m x 1.2m fully automatic can carton packing and gluing extraordinaire. Replacing the need for a mundane, messy, manual packaging process that can pay itself back within a year. 


Purchase outright or finance from only $753 per week.


*Finance approval subject to credit criteria.


We’ve saved breweries up to $3,000 per week in manual labour costs, find out how much we can save you!




Up to 5 cases per minute.

Can Sizes

375ml and 500ml cans

Cluster Options

4 or 6 pack clusters with an option to pack loose cans.

Carton Options

Ability to run 6 packs clusters in 24 can cartons and 4 pack clusters in 24 and 16 can cartons with a simple manual change over.  Change over time is approximately 10 minutes.


1.2m x 1.2m. Extremely compact design. Can fit into existing manual packing space.


Fully automatic operation


PLC controlled for robust and repeatable operation.

Quick Payback

Budget friendly case packer for quick payback, providing excellent return on investment.

Ease of use

Easy operator and maintenance access.

Safe - Robust guarding

Electrical interlocking to Australian and International standards. Give your staff the best protection and quick access for setup, maximising uptime.

Reliability and Spare Parts Availability

Only tried and tested proprietary items are used in our machines, ensuring reliable performance and immediate availability of spare parts.

Australian Standard

Built to Australian safety standards. 

Fully Installed

Full installation and training provided to ensure minimal downtime.

Get in touch

to arrange a site inspection or quote. 

The Little Packer offers craft brewers a compact, affordable can case packer.  The RSC End Load casepacker packs beer cans (or bottles) into an end load RSC carton ready for distribution. Cans can either be in 4 or 6 pack clusters with an option to pack loose cans if required and can run both 24 and 16 can cartons.
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