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Compact, Collaborative and Strong

Collaborative Robot


Fibre King’s Little Pal stands out as a superior solution for small-scale operations, boasting not only its compact design but also a remarkable level of quality and versatility. With an impressive lifting capacity, this collaborative robot can effortlessly handle a full carton of beverages. What sets the Little Pal apart is its extended reach, allowing precise placement even on the outer corners of the pallet. This combination of strength, precision, and adaptability provides low speed operations with a high quality, reliable and efficient robotic solution.​​​



Up to 5 cycles per minute


3m x 2m

Maximum lift capacity

15kg payload capacity


Incorporating a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) with a robot significantly enhances operational efficiency and user interaction. This seamless integration empowers operators with real-time control and monitoring capabilities, fostering a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Quick Payback

Budget friendly for quick payback, providing excellent return on investment.

Reliability and Spare Parts Availability

Only tried and tested proprietary items are used in our machines, ensuring reliable performance and immediate availability of spare parts.

Safety Standards

Built to AS / NZS Safety standards.

Fully Installed

Full installation and training provided to ensure minimal downtime.

Safe Collaboration

Designed to work alongside humans in a shared workspace safely. The Little Pal is equipped with safety features to detect the presence of humans and respond accordingly. If you enter the cobot’s workspace, the cobot will either slow down, stop, or alter its path to avoid collisions and ensure the safety of human operators.

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