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Reliable and efficient for decades

CP 20-60 Mechanical Palletiser

+ Advanced pallet handling 

WAP 10-25 Intermittent Case Packer


+ less board wastage

Fibre King Palletisers are tested and proven to be extremely reliable, efficient, safe and economical in all applications.

Advanced pallet handling and high-level stacking results in the formation of tightly formed stacks at case speeds of over 60 cases per minute.

The first Fibre King palletiser manufactured is still in operation after more than 30 years; and with more than 200 palletisers in operation throughout the world, you can be assured you're getting the best.



Fully Automatic Operation
Allows for unattended operation with automatic product changeover via the HMI

Heavy Duty Construction
Ensures reliable, low maintenance operation for present and future applications

Hygenic Design
Easy access for cleaning

Pattern Versatility
Overhead row & layer gating, pneumatic lift and turn station

Rapid Size Changing
Pre-programed switch selections, minimal mechanical adjustment

Unique Pallet Handling System
Fork lift dispenser and shuttle transportation provide consistent & accurate transfer of pallets

Advanced Control System
With option for remote access and diagnostics

Accurate and Consistent Stacks
Achieved through four-sided layer compression during stacking

Provided through a wide range of ancillary equipment combined with choices in pallet handing and many other components

Low Noise Output
Electro-mechanical operation & belt under roll conveyors

Colour Touchscreen
Allows for quick fault diagnosis and product changeover

Can be upgraded
To Meat Industry Specifications


All specifications listed below are typical – we can customize our machines to suit your needs.



Up to 60 Cases/Min, dependent on Pallet Pattern.

Dependent on Pallet Pattern. Options include: Incline, SpiralVeyor, Elevator, Dual Lane Infeed, Cross Turner

Up to 15 Pallet Capacity

Standard Finish

Mild Steel

Standard Controls
Allen-Bradley PLC

  • Cartons

  • Crates

  • Drums

  • RSC Case

  • Shelf Ready

  • Shrinkwrapped Product

  • Shrinkwrapped Trays

  • Wraparound Cases

  • 205L Drum Palletizing

  • Automatic Size Change

  • Bag Palletizing

  • Drum Palletizing

  • Elevator

  • Half Pallet

  • Incline Conveyor

  • Multiple Pallet Sizes

  • Pallet Layer Pad Insertion

  • Pallet Pad Insertion

  • Product Inverter

  • Product Turner

  • Remote Empty Pallet Dispenser

  • Spiral Elevator

  • Split Layer Deck

  • SSCC Pallet Labelling

  • Stretch Wrapping

  • Two-tier Stacking

  • Unitizing

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