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End Load Cartoner
to 60cpm

The PAKSMART® PC60 Carton System is an advanced automatic packaging machine capable of processing up to 60 cartons per minute. It efficiently erects cartons and presents them for automatic product loading, making it ideal for continuous 24-hour operations. The system is fully guarded to meet Australian Standards for operator safety. Utilising servo motor drives, the PC60 reduces machine wear and enhances reliability. Its intermittent motion system allows for cycle stopping without failure to seal and erect cartons, minimising time loss and product waste during machine restarts. Additionally, the PC60 features a 1.2m powered magazine for extended unattended operation and is well-suited for fully automated applications, offering cost-effective product transfers.

What makes our customers decide to buy a PC60 Carton Machine?

  • HMI Panel includes menu driven size change, machine monitoring and reporting function

  • Space saving design, limited size increase from the PC40

  • Easily adaptable to fit within your production environment

  • Reduction of labour cost through increased automation

  • Powered magazine 1.2m in length reduces operator attendance to restock.

  • Ease of product loading so the operator is not constantly chasing a moving product bucket or carton. The PC60 delivers an empty carton or infeed bucket in the same location ready for loading

  • Quality cost effective spare parts

  • Compact space saving design

  • State of the art controls allow for a simple design approach making the PC60 easy to use.

  • Troubleshooting systems built in Top to bottom guard doors allow easy access for cleaning, maintenance and carton or product size changes

  • Easy size changes via calibrated hand crank adjustors.

  • Easily adaptable to economical product transfer system for complete automation

  • 60 cartons per minute


PB60 Full View IMG_6472.jpg

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