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VIDEO: Pick & Place Top Load Case Packer designed to pack cracker biscuits.

Built tough to handle 24/7 operation it features fast repeatable changovers, open design for easy operator & maintenance access, flexible design with fully customisable features.


The Fibre King Regular Slotted Case Packer is a versatile, compact and robust machine, built to hygienic design standards.  Designed to accommodate a range of pack styles and case configurations for any industry, positive case and product handling enables production rates of up to 15 cases per minute.

The RSC TL Intermittent Motion Case Packer range will give you clean and accurately squared cases, every time.

  • Fully automatic operation

  • Heavy duty construction

  • Ideal for multi-product lines with typical changeover times of less than 20 minutes

  • Motorized changeover of major components available as an option

  • Color touchscreen

  • Full monitoring of machine status and diagnostics

  • Modem access enables our engineers to provide exceptional levels of remote support

  • Quiet operation

  • Hygenic and open design (no catchpoints, easy access for maintenance)

  • Robust guarding

  • Electrically interlocked to International Standards

  • Reliability and spare parts availability

  • Accommodation for multiple case styles (Regular Slotted Cartons, trays & shelf-ready)

  • Compact footprint


All specifications listed below are typical – we can customize our machines to suit your needs.


Up to 15 Cases/Min

Dependent on Case Configuration. Options include: Mechanical Diverter, Scroll, Cleated Index Belt, Spill Fill, Single Lane

Low, Medium and High Range Options to suit the application

Standard Finish
304 Stainless Steel

Tape or Glue

Standard Controls
Allen-Bradley PLC

  • RSC Case

  • Shelf Ready

  • Trays

  • Automatic Size Change

  • Layer Pad Insertion

  • Multi-lane feed

  • Multi-layer Stacking

  • Product Diverter

  • Product Inverter

  • Tape or Glue Seal

Regular slotted top load case packer

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