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End of line packaging systems

that adapt to your production needs

We design, build, install and maintain End of Line Packaging Machinery within the food, beverage, meat, dairy, FMCG, personal care, pharmaceutical and fresh produce industries across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, US, Canada, Middle East and Europe.  With over 90 years of engineering experience we deliver the international standard in packaging machinery globally and are the leading packaging equipment supplier in Australia.

Our range includes Case Packers, Palletisers, De-palletisers, Case and Tray Handling Equipment, Robotic Integration and Conveying Systems.  Since 2006, our crate handling brand Oryx Automation offers reusable plastic crate and bin handling automation solutions for producers and crate poolers within the fresh produce and meat industries. 

Case packer machines
palletising solutions
conveyor systems
crate handling equipment
case an tray hadling machinery

From 5cpm up to 80cpm and anything in between our range will meet your production demands.

RSC end load

RSC top load

Tray and hood


Continuous motion


Specialist equipment made for the meat & fresh produce industries.

Chilled/frozen lidder Trayformer

YL sealer

Case erector

Tray and hood packaging

From 1cpm up to 225cpm and anything in between our range will meet your production demands.

CMP - 15cpm (Compact) Mechanical

High speed



Custom conveyors to suit your production line.

Roller, chain, plastic chain, gravity roller, modular belt, accumulation, pallet,

fabric & material, incline,

elevator and spiral conveyors

Product singuliser 

Crate equipment that handles both empty & full crates for the fresh produce, dairy, meat & poultry industries.

Crate erectors / de-erector Palletisers / De-Palletisers Washplant equipment

Crate conveyors 


End of Line

Packaging Equipment

Our range includes case packers, palletisers, robotic integration, crate handling and conveying systems which are sold to both the domestic and international markets. 

​Project Management and Line Integration

Make it simple and only deal with one experienced supplier.

Full Turnkey


No two businesses are alike.  Fibre King works with their customers creating turnkey solutions to meet their requirements, budgets, time frames and most of all, exceed their expectations.

Facility Planning and Design

Get us involved from the start and get it done right.  New facility design, future planning, additional production lines, upgrades and relocations. 

Building better production facilities 

Maintenance/Service Contracts

From breakdown assistance to planned periodic maintenance contracts, Fibre King’s Engineered Service team are focused on a Total Productive Maintenance approach for the end user.

R&D Bespoke 


We are continually innovating to meet the changing needs of production facilities.  We design custom solutions in order to achieve the best result. 



Using the latest in robotic technology we can get maximum flexibility out of your production line. 

Fibre Kings Global Presence


Fibre King
Agency Partner
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