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Fibre King was invited to participate in ASEAN-Australia Business summit on the back of 30 year trade history with South East Asia.

On 17-18 March 2018, the Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull welcomed the Leaders of the Member States of ASEAN and the Secretary-General of ASEAN to the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit. It is the first time Australia has hosted a Summit with ASEAN Leaders in Australia. The Prime Ministers opening address included special mention of Fibre King and its success trading with South East Asia.

Having over 30 years trade experience with South East Asia coupled with a Thai manufacturing plant established in 2012 makes Fibre King an ideal contributor for the ASEAN-Australia Business Summit. “Our experience in conducting business with South East Asian Nations as well as having a Thai facility gives us good insight into the discussions offered within the Summit on how we can strengthen our trading relations with our rapidly growing neighbours.” Says James Windsor, CEO of Fibre King.

James was involved in The CEO Round table discussions where business leaders were able to provide input to recommendations developed by the government on key topics. “It was an honour to be asked to provide feedback alongside CEO’s from some of Australia’s top 50 businesses.” Said James. “The topic I participated in was Advanced Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. This is an extremely relevant topic to Fibre King as a supplier of Advanced Automated Machines to some of the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Food and Beverage and Nutritional Products.” He said. “During some excellent discussion there was concern expressed regarding the current skills of the work force and their ability to adapt as the forth industrial revolution rolls out. We were fortunate to have representation from a couple of high education institutes who were encouraged to look at the education they are providing to ensure their graduates are enterin

g the work force with the required skills to embrace and contribute to businesses operating in Industry 4.0.” James explained.

The ASEAN-Australia Special Summit strengthened Australia’s strategic partnership with ASEAN and delivered tangible economic and security benefits to Australia. “In order to grow our national economy we need to embrace trade with our largest and quickest growing neighbours and this Summit provided the platform where the ASEAN leaders could see for themselves the opportunities which are available in Australia” Says James. “For Fibre King it was an amazing opportunity to reflect on our journey with South East Asia and be recognised for the outstanding work which has been done by our Australian and Thai teams. We are proud to have been a part of this historic event and look to the future with excitement as our relationship with South East Asia continues to grow.” James concluded.

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