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Fibre King Multipacker: Compact, Versatile, Can and Bottle Cluster Packer for Low Volume Beverage Manufacturers

The packaging industry is continuously advancing, prioritising efficiency, versatility, and sustainability in its innovations. Introducing The Multipacker, an ultra-compact, adaptable and affordable cluster packer developed by Fibre King to cater to the varied demands of contemporary low volume beverage manufacturers.  Designed to handle a wide range of cans and bottles, The Multipacker provides an automated, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution, transforming single-file cans/bottles into neatly organised clusters with wrap-around sleeves.  This latest innovation streamlines the packaging process, enhancing productivity and reducing manual labour.


Fibre King, a leader in packaging machinery solutions across multiple industries, has developed the Multipacker, the latest addition to its beverage equipment range. Tailored specifically for beverage manufacturers, the Multipacker addresses critical end-of-line packaging needs. This innovation underscores Fibre King's commitment to advancing packaging technology and delivering industry-leading solutions for manufacturers of all sizes.


The Ideal Solution for Low to Medium Volume Production

Low volume manufacturers face significant challenges when it comes to line automation, as most end-of-line packaging machinery is geared towards medium and high-speed/volume lines, leaving smaller producers with limited options. Recognising this gap, Fibre King has, within the last five years, designed equipment specifically to cater to lower volume (craft sized) beverage manufacturers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Compact and Configurable Design

The Multipacker’s compact inline layout is focused on space efficiency. This makes it an excellent choice for facilities with limited space, as it can be easily configured to suit specific handling and height requirements. Its flexibility ensures seamless integration into existing production lines, minimising disruption and maximising efficiency. 


Clean and Durable Construction

Fibre King has manufactured the Multipacker with a clean design ethos, featuring robust stainless-steel construction. This not only ensures durability and longevity but also aligns with stringent hygiene standards. The carefully considered drainage system enhances cleanliness, making the machine easy to maintain and reducing the risk of contamination. This focus on cleanliness and durability is particularly crucial for industries such as food and beverage, where maintaining high hygiene standards is paramount.


Product Sizes and Speeds  

Accommodating various product sizes, including 330-500ml classic cans, 250-355ml sleek cans, 200-300ml slim cans, and 330-375ml bottles.  The Multipacker is designed to handle 4-packs, at up to 100 cans or bottles per minute, translating to 25 packs per minute. For 6-packs, it handles up to 150 cans or bottles per minute, maintaining a pace of 25 packs per minute. This flexibility in speed ensures that the Multipacker can adapt to the production needs of different beverage manufacturers, offering both high efficiency and reliability.


Designed Locally for the Australian Market

The Multipacker is proudly designed by Fibre King in Australia, tailored to meet the specific needs of the local market and meet all of Australia’s stringent safety standards. This local expertise ensures that the machine is built to withstand the unique challenges and demands faced by Australian beverage manufacturers.  Its design reflects a deep understanding of the local industry, resulting in a machine that is reliable, efficient, and perfectly suited to the market.


Sustainable Packaging Solution

In today's world, sustainability is more important than ever. The Fibre King Multipacker addresses this by moving away from plastic packaging in favour of eco-friendly cardboard sleeves. This sustainable solution not only reduces environmental impact but also offers endless branding opportunities. Businesses can customise the cardboard sleeves to enhance brand visibility and appeal, creating a unique and memorable product presentation.


Focus on Safety and Reliability

Safety and reliability are at the core of the Fibre King Multipacker's design. Every aspect of the machine is engineered to ensure safe operation and consistent performance. This commitment to safety and reliability provides peace of mind to businesses, knowing that their packaging process is in good hands.


The Fibre King Multipacker is a game-changer in the world of cluster packing for Australian and New Zealand craft sized beverage manufacturers.  Its versatility, compact design, quick payback and focus on sustainability make it an ideal choice for modern manufacturers looking to enhance their packaging operations and reduce direct labour costs.  

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