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Fibre King and Paksmart Unite: Enhanced Cartoning Solutions for the Packaging Industry

A Fusion of Tradition & Innovation in Packaging Solutions

Fibre King, a name synonymous with quality and tradition in the packaging industry, proudly announces its merger with Paksmart. This historic union brings to the forefront a new era of cartoning solutions, merging decades of family-driven excellence and shared values.  This strategic alliance aims to revolutionise the packaging sector by providing comprehensive solutions under one unified brand.

With this merger, manufacturers gain an unparalleled advantage – access to a full range of sophisticated end-of-line packaging solutions from a single provider. This unified approach ensures that clients benefit from the continuity of service and the traditional pride in craftsmanship that has been a hallmark of both companies.

Join us as we herald a fresh chapter where reliable machinery meets cutting-edge cartoning technology – all underpinned by the steadfast commitment of an Australian family legacy.

Key Merger Highlights

  • Integration of Paksmart’s innovative cartoning solutions with Fibre King’s robust machinery manufacturing.

  • A seamless one-stop-shop for end-of-line packaging needs, minimising the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors.

  • Firm commitment to quality with locally manufactured machinery rooted in time-tested processes.

  • The convenience of local support from the source.

"Today's merger is more than a business decision; it's about building upon a shared legacy that prioritises quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction," said James Windsor, CEO of Fibre King. "Our fusion with Paksmart is a testament to our dedication in offering manufacturers a comprehensive suite of packaging solutions crafted with precision and care – a true reflection of Australian family values and ingenuity."

The collaboration between these industry experts reinforces Fibre King's status as a premier manufacturer of high-quality machinery, now also crafting Paksmart machines. Distinct from solely distribution-based alternatives, Fibre King offers a comprehensive and integrated solution, bolstered by steadfast local support. Manufacturers can now trust in the reliability of top-tier machinery, exceptional local after-sales service, and production lines honed by years of industry expertise.

"For us, the merger is about fortifying our promise to the industry," said Rodney Barnes Founder of Paksmart.”  Together, we aim for higher standards of reliability, productivity, and innovation. Our combined strength solidifies our position in the field and shows our dedication to Paksmart's legacy."

The future of packaging is here, and with Fibre King's enhanced cartoning capabilities, industry players can look forward to a partnership that values tradition while driving forward with innovation.

Fibre King

Fibre King is a respected name in the packaging industry, renowned for delivering high-quality machinery solutions with a personalised touch. With a heritage that spans decades, their commitment to manufacturing excellence and customer service has set them apart, establishing them as a trusted partner to manufacturers worldwide.


Paksmart has been at the forefront of cartoning innovation, spearheading solutions that are not only reliable but tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern manufacturing.  Its reputation for ingenious design and the efficiency of its cartoners has made it a valued asset in the packaging community.

For further information of the Paksmart product range, click here.


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