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Automated Post-Harvest Solutions: Insulating Against Wage Increases

In the rapidly changing landscape of modern agriculture, ensuring a seamless transition from harvest to market is critical for preserving product quality, shelf life, and overall profitability. At Fibre King, we have emerged as leaders in providing cutting-edge post-harvest solutions that cater to the diverse needs of the industry. Our comprehensive portfolio includes conveying systems, mechanical and robotic palletisers, carton sealing and crate handling equipment, reflecting our commitment to redefine post-harvest handling. Moreover, our solutions offer businesses a strategic pathway to insulate themselves from the impact of wage increases by embracing automation.

Meeting Diverse Packaging Requirements

We pride ourselves on offering fully customised and adaptable solutions that cater to both traditional cartons as well as Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs). Our versatility demonstrates our deep understanding of the industry's evolving demands. While boxes have been the industry norm for decades, RPCs offer advantages such as reduced waste, enhanced product protection, and streamlined handling. Our carton sealing solutions further enhance efficiency and product integrity, ensuring that the transition from harvest to market is seamless and secure.

Seamless Transition with Conveying Systems

We've meticulously developed a range of conveying systems that ensure a seamless transition, from the field to processing centres, and finally to packaging areas. Our systems are engineered to minimise product damage, reduce labour requirements, and increase overall efficiency. We understand the importance of tailored solutions, whether it's a gentle belt conveyor for delicate fruits, a robust roller conveyor for bulkier items. Our conveying solutions cater to the unique characteristics of the produce and packaging we handle.

Precision and Efficiency in Palletising

Palletising is a pivotal stage in post-harvest operations, demanding a delicate balance of precision and efficiency. Our mechanical and robotic palletisers embody this balance. Our mechanical palletisers ensure consistent stacking of boxes, RPCs, and cartons, guaranteeing uniformity and stability during transportation. However, the true innovation lies in our robotic palletisers. These robots provide unparalleled flexibility, adapting to various product sizes and stacking patterns. This optimization minimizes the need for manual intervention, enhancing overall efficiency.

Introducing the Innovative YL Sealer for Fresh Produce Carton Sealing

Designed specifically for the fresh produce industry, the YL Sealer handles up to three different carton sizes without compromising production speed. This compact and reliable machine is capable of handling random height cartons at a rate of up to 35 cartons per minute, the YL Sealer features a hot melt glue sealer for a lower cost of operation. The automatic infeed for top and bottom case sealing enhances operational efficiency. Offering easy delivery, installation, maintenance, operation, and capacity upgrades, the YL Sealer emerges as the ideal compact machine for facilities seeking optimisation.

Mitigating Wage Increases: The Power of Automation

In an era marked by fluctuating labour dynamics and potential wage increases, our automation solutions provide a strategic advantage. By integrating automation equipment, we empower businesses to reduce their dependence on manual labour. This approach not only boosts productivity but also insulates against the impact of future wage hikes. Our dedication to automation equips businesses to navigate evolving labour landscapes by replacing labour-intensive tasks with precise, automated processes.

At Fibre King, we don't just offer post-harvest solutions; we empower the industry to thrive amidst change. Our adaptable line solutions for RPCs and cartons, coupled with advanced conveying systems, palletisers, and carton sealing solutions, redefine post-harvest practices. Simultaneously, our commitment to automation enables businesses to fortify their operations against the challenges posed by rising labour costs. As the agricultural industry continues to evolve, Fibre King stands as a beacon of innovation, helping businesses navigate tomorrow's challenges with confidence and foresight.

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