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Lidder Refurbished to meet growing demands of Aussie Meat Works.

The Fibre King team put 50 years of packaging expertise into the task of designing a line of specialised machinery to handle the demands of meat production lines and was the first Australian company to deliver a lidding solution for the domestic market over 30 years ago.

Built with future proofing in mind it is common for meat works to upgrade their Lidders over the years as their production needs change over time. Lidder upgrades provide an affordable solution and are a fairly straightforward process.

Here a busy meat works was needing to upgrade their Fibre King Lidder from a 5 mag to 6 magazine solution allowing them to package for multiple clients at the same time with different lid variances. Each tray is scanned before it enters the Lidder and the barcode is matched to a specific lid type, and then the correct lid is applied. This company also required a conveying infeed solution that allowed for reject conveyors if the label or tray had a defect then it was moved over to a reject station instead of going through the machine. The operation is fully automatic and runs seamless once loaded with the correct lids and data from the operator.

Lidders are a single unit that ships completely assembled. Once onsite installation and commissioning is a simple process and involved running conveyors to and from the machine, installations can generally be done within a couple of days and within a week the Lidder is fully operational and running at 20 cases per minute for chilled product and 15 cases per minute for frozen.

We have the option to add in an automatic system that tells the operators what the upcoming production cycle looks like allowing operators to pre-empt the product that is coming through so they can have the machine ready in advance to ensure seamless operation.

The machine only requires one full time operator who fills the magazines to ensure the blanks are up to the level they need to be and make sure there is enough adhesive in the glue system to ensure continuous operation.

Fibre King meat equipment feature heavy duty construction, and are suitable for 24 hour a day production facilities. Fast and repeatable changeovers deliver maximum line uptime. Clean, open design means easy operator and maintenance access. Best of all, they’re easy to use, and there’s less downtime.


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