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Unlocking Production Potential: IDL's Journey with Fibre King's Integrated Packaging Solution

Fibre King Case Packer, Palletiser and Conveyors
Integrated packaging machinery solution.

At Fibre King, we take pride in our ability to deliver comprehensive end-of-line packaging machinery solutions that drive operational excellence. Our recent partnership with IDL, a family-owned and operated full turn-key beverage solutions provider located in the Moorabool Valley Victoria, is a testament to our commitment to creating tailored solutions that meet our clients' evolving needs. Together, we embarked on a journey to upgrade IDL's canning line, unlocking greater production capacity and introducing a new level of flexibility to cater to the diverse requirements of their expanding product range.

As IDL expanded its product range beyond wine to include spirits, ciders and RTD’s, they faced the challenge of finding a comprehensive packaging solution that could cater to their changing production needs. With their existing lines unable to accommodate their growing demands, IDL sought a partner who could provide a customised solution. Faced with a small footprint, Fibre King had to engineer a conveying, case packing and palletising solution that would integrate seamlessly with an existing Filler and WestRock Multipacker.

“The solution for this project was central around conveying from the Filler to the WestRock machine. This included single file can conveying into mass flow and then directly into two lanes to feed the WestRock Multipacker. From there, the multipacks of four or six packs transfer into the Fibre King WAP25 Case Packer and from here it goes to the CMP Palletiser where the cases are palletised.

We understand all the details behind a project before we put forward any solution. We will look at what sort of product we're running, at what rates and what space constraints we have to work within and from here we develop a solution fit for purpose. In this particular project, all the equipment was designed in such a way to fit a very small footprint”. Emily Wright, Victorian Sales Engineer - Fibre King.

Boosting Efficiency and Capacity:

“When we put in our second canning line, which is our high-speed canning line, we really wanted to have the maximum amount of flexibility at the back end, which was very, very manual. We had staff packing into wraps and then taking those wraps, putting them to cartons, cartons onto pallets. What we needed to do in order to increase the efficiency down that line was to actually increase the automation of it.” Andrew Byers, CEO – IDL. With Fibre King's solution in place, IDL witnessed a significant transformation in their packaging operations. The automated systems eliminated manual handling, reducing the risk of errors and improving overall efficiency. IDL's filling speed increased from 4,800 cans per hour to an average of 10,000 cans per hour, enabling them to meet growing demands while maintaining product quality. The flexibility of the solution also allowed IDL to cater to different can formats, including 330ml sleeks and 250ml slims.

A Successful Partnership:

“We had quite a detailed list of requirements when looking for a partner and found Fibre King to be incredibly solutions focused. We needed to find a partner that was able to deliver exactly what we wanted into the space that we needed as well. The solution that Fibre King came up with was perfect for all our requirements. It's not an easy space to work in size wise. It's also previously been a cool room so all the floors, all the angles, all the drains were in places that were difficult to actually place the machine. Their ability to meet our needs and integrate with a WestRock as well as our filling line was fantastic.” Says Andrew.

What set Fibre King apart was their solutions-focused approach and open communication. IDL appreciated the collaborative nature of the partnership, as Fibre King actively listened to their requirements and delivered a solution that aligned perfectly with their needs. In overcoming challenges related to space and integration with existing equipment, Fibre King's team showcased their expertise and dedication to fulfilling IDL's vision.

Fully integrated packaging machinery for Australian beverage manufacturer.

Future Growth and Collaboration:

The successful implementation of the packaging solution has positioned IDL for further growth and expansion into new product lines. With the capacity to handle spirits, ciders, RTDs, and increased wine production, IDL is equipped to meet the evolving demands of the market. Fibre King's role in building IDL's back-end capability has been instrumental in their journey toward continued success.

Fibre King's partnership with IDL exemplifies our commitment to providing tailored packaging solutions that drive operational excellence. By understanding IDL's evolving needs and designing a comprehensive system, we were able to transform their packaging operations, increasing efficiency, and enabling future growth. This case study stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and the positive impact of innovative packaging solutions on manufacturing success.

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