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Fibre King participates in Siemens Largest Delegation to Hannover Messe April 2018.

Fibre King’s long history as Australia’s leading OEM for packaging Food and Beverage as well as a wide range of household products was acknowledged earlier this year with a personal invitation to Siemens Delegation in Hannover Messe. The 100 delegates chosen from Australia and New Zealand included members of the Prime Minister’s Industry 4.0 Taskforce, customers and stakeholders from a range of industries including defence, manufacturing, infrastructure, oil and gas, energy and education.

Hannover Messe is the world’s largest industrial trade fair and was held in Germany on 23rd April 2018. The theme for the event was ‘Integrated Industry – Connect and Collaborate’ providing the delegation with the opportunity to observe and learn from the best in class of German technology that is synonymous globally with innovation and quality.

For the first time, the Siemens stand, themed ‘Digital Enterprise – Implement Now’, featured a project from Australia – DuluxGroup’s new factory in Melbourne. The stand highlighted how DuluxGroup is a global benchmark when it comes to adoption of digital and automation technologies in building their factory for the future.

Speaking about the delegation trip, Siemens Australia and New Zealand CEO Jeff Connolly said, “Australia is at a critical crossroads right now and it’s more important than ever that we understand the technology transformations that are taking place and understand what the benchmark looks like – especially at global platforms such as Hannover Messe. Digitalization has no borders so it is more important than ever to be connected to leading innovations that will help Australia compete more effectively in a global landscape.”

James Windsor, CEO of Fibre King was the company representative at the delegation and was inspired by what he saw. “We visited a number of World leading manufacturing facilities in Germany that gave us the opportunity to observe how seamless a production facility can run when the entire manufacturing process is automated and digitally connected. I get particularly excited when I see knew technologies that can be integrated seamlessly into our customers facilities and further improve productivity, capacity and safety and I look forward to introducing these to our market.”

“The technologies witnessed during the trip and connections made will contribute to Fibre Kings journey as a market leader when it comes to new technologies and the roll out of Industry 4.0.” James concluded.

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