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Fibre King Meets All Performance Indicators When Providing Parmalat with a Turnkey Solution For Thei

The challenge: In order to supply higher volumes of home brand milk products to Woolworths, Parmalat urgently needed a new facility to streamline the end-of-line packaging process and provide specific packaging formats.

The solution: A Fibre King dual-line crate palletising system, fully integrated with labelling and stretch wrapping systems from other suppliers, designed within 2 weeks and delivered in 16 weeks.

Parmalat Australia Ltd (formerly Pauls Limited) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the French-based global dairy company, Lactalis Group. It’s Australian head office is in South Brisbane.

Fibre King has worked with the Pauls/Parmalat organisation over a period of 20 years. Our commitment to quality, reliability and exceptional service have been well proven over the decades, and we were pleased to be called upon to work with Matthews and Wulftec in delivering the best possible return on investment for Parmalat’s new packaging line.

Parmalat’s other challenge was to load stacks of crates onto a pallet (45 crates in a format of 3 x 3 x 5 high) to be stretch wrapped and labelled with two SSCC and two TUN labels applied to the opposing fork lift entry sides at specific positions. High volume requirements and limited space meant that the new palletising system needed to service two filling lines in the smallest possible footprint.

In addition, it was to be located in a washdown environment in a cold room. The installation had to meet Parmalat’s stringent internal standards and criteria, and Fibre King was required to coordinate sub-suppliers’ proposals for stretch wrapping and labelling equipment and check their compliance.

Within 3 days of the enquiry, Fibre King designed and costed a system and presented this to the various stakeholders at Parmalat. Following multiple site visits and iterations of the operating philosophy and equipment layout, the final solution was agreed upon and an order placed – all within two weeks of the original request.

The benefits:

One of the main benefits to Parmalat was that they only needed to deal with a single contractor, who was responsible for all equipment and integration.

Fibre King designed two fully-independent systems with a cross-over facility, reducing downtime during maintenance. The entire construction is in stainless steel with wash down-suitable components, including SEW Aseptic Motor/Gearboxes for long-term reliability. The facility works at the required production speeds, with no operators required except for a forklift driver, and the potential occupational health and safety problems of manual crate loading have been overcome.

Parmalat now have flexible, efficient palletising automation with the added peace of mind of a local service team on hand for maintenance and ongoing training.

The compressed time line involved long hours from the Fibre King team.

“Fibre King met our extremely tight delivery requirements and achieved all the key performance indicators we had set. It is a job very well done.” - Andrew Leiner, National Engineering Manager for Parmalat

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