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Fibre King has embraced the use of 3D Simulation Tools in their sales and design process for complex solutions.

Fibre King have been using Demo 3D to develop project layouts since 2016, giving them a leading edge when it comes to developing and presenting complex end of line solutions.

"The ability to present to a client using a 3D image or video makes the sales process a lot more interactive and transparent on both sides." James Windsor, CEO of Fibre King. "Often times we are looking at a plan view of a system – which does not allow the customer to visualise the every day "operational" requirements of a facility – forklift movements, access ways, replenishment points. The 3D layout brings a concept one step closer to reality, and allows our clients to more easily see any practical issues with the location or layout of our equipment."

In addition to static layouts, Demo 3D provides a simulation package that can take the guess work out of sortation and case rate calculations.

"For large scale and complex conveying projects, Demo 3D allows us to simulate case and merge rates, and essentially prove the solution to ourselves and ultimately the customer," says Greg Constantinidis, Applications Engineering Manager at Fibre King. "It has been a big learning curve, but the support of Alec Poulton at Glenvern Associates has made this a lot easier."

Fibre King are continuously looking at ways we can enhance our offer and develop a more collaborative client interaction - we look forward to working with you.


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