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Fibre King’s Robot Palletising Solutions Address Multiple Sku’s Within Tight Spaces.

Fibre King are well versed in providing flexible packaging systems within compact facilities. At a time when real estate is limited and the productivity expectation is high we are proud to be at the forefront of robotic solutions that can multitask, are flexible, economical and compact. “As experience-led engineers we get very excited about providing facilities with smart, simple solutions from complex production requirements. The fun lies within designing a production line that has to do a lot of things within a small space, while meeting productivity targets” says James Windsor, CEO of Fibre King. “We are always up for the challenge to push the boundaries in order to maximise the production capacity of a facility.”

A project we are currently working on for Australian Garlic Bread Co is a great example of flexible robotic automation within a tight footprint. The Robotic Palletising Solution caters for 14 SKUs running 5 at a time within a challenging space. “Our robotic solution was ideal in meeting AGBs production requirements” says James. “We are pleased to be delivering a packaging system that integrates well with existing machinery as well as providing flexibility for product changes in the future”.

By keeping smart machinery in focus, we have also developed software applications unique to Fibre King that offer flexibility and more user control. Our Pallet Pattern Builder software has

visualisation capabilities built into the HMI allowing customers to add their own pallet configurations to their production lines to suit their requirements as their needs change. This new technology also allows for faster commissioning and recovery times for operators when anomalies arise resulting in less downtime and smoother running facilities. “Any application that provides the user the ability to customise production outputs and fix errors with ease is highly valued within high volume production facilities.” Says James. “We use the best technology available and if we can’t find a solution in the market, then we develop our own.” The software has been embraced by customers such as Australian Garlic Bread Co, Nestle in Australia and Overseas.

Our success stems from our ability to be able to combine our experience with the latest technology and develop solutions that exceed production expectations. If your facility requires fast and flexible machinery to keep up with production demands and changes from Marketing, then we'll have a solution.


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