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Have you considered the right conveyors for your canning line?

Photo Source: Balter Brewing Co. Fibre King supplied equipment.

Conveyors are a commonly overlooked piece of the canning line. They may move the cans, empty or full, from point A to point B but they also do a lot more. Conveyors in can lines may be used for mass flow, single filing, rinsing, accumulating and warming. Each conveyor in the system has a job to do and if it does its job well the system runs well. If the conveyors continually stop because the cans jam, the line will not run well.

A very important factor when laying out a canning line is to ensure that there is enough product accumulation before and after each piece of equipment. Accumulated product is the buffer which smooths out flow when operating intermittent pieces of equipment that have different operating frequencies. Ideally you want all of the machines in your canning line to be able to run continuously, even if there are periodic stops or rejects along the way.

In high speed lines it is critically important to have the ability to run out the products on each machine in the system when there is a stoppage of a downstream machine. This allows the machine to perform a controlled stop - which means it completes the operations it is performing then comes to a stop. If a controlled stop is not performed it can result in product waste and a long stoppage as product typically needs to be manually removed from the machine.

If you are planning a canning line installation Fibre King can help layout the site to optimise where everything goes. We can also create simulations and virtual reality walk throughs to help you visualise the line performance prior to starting works.

Fibre King has been providing canning solutions for companies across Australia, New Zealand and Asia for over 30 years. Our industry experience has enabled us to grow our equipment range so that we can provide, install, integrate and service turnkey canning equipment into facilities of any size. If you would like a quote for a conveying solution then email or call us on 07 3293 8800.

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