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Attractive, user-friendly, shelf ready cases for FMCG: Tray & Hood Packaging

Shelf ready packaging has been around for many years and like most good things has evolved over time to improve the customer experience. Initially shelf ready cartons consisted of either Wrap Around or RSC cartons with perforated tear out sections allowing the stockist to tear off the top, leaving the product displayed in a pseudo tray without having to handle each product in the case. Recently the finish of the carton on the shelf with the perforated edge has become less desirable as the edge is normally rough and sometimes jagged. This has seen a number of manufactures of popular FMCG products move to the new tray and hood packaging style as the tray can be finished with a machine cut edge that presents better on the shelf.

Those in the FMCG world know that competition for shelf space in retail stores is fierce and if you win that battle you need to ensure that your product catches the eye of the consumer and a nicely clean-cut tray can help with this.

The Fibre King Tray and Hood Case Packer provides perfect tray and hood cases every time all day long. The design features a compact, all-in-one customisable machine that packs your product according to your requirements ready for palletising and distribution.

Fibre King Case Packers are used globally by some of the biggest names in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, FMCG and petrochemical. Our range includes regular slotted top and end load case packers, wraparound case packers, case over product packer, robotic case packers and the newest to our range: The Tray and Hood Case Packer. Our case packers offer a wide range of adjustment, and are reliable, flexible and easy to use, with fully customisable features. The range is perfect for your shelf-ready needs.

If you would like a personalised quote on how to improve your case packing process then contact our experienced team on 1300 831 330 or for a no obligation chat.

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